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Thursday, March 26, 2015

 for KGGV 95.1 FM's 20th century history and music series,
Beneath the Waves, are now separately posted on
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Gerry Takano

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

OUR KGGV Radio PROGRAM Schedule:(last revised March 19 2015)
SATURDAY  03/21/15

10-1 pm Steady Eddie’s Music Cellar: Steady Eddie It'll be a little late for St. Patrick's Day, but Steady Eddie will kick off the show with some of the songs of the great Irish-American          songwriter of the early 20th century, Chauncey Olcott (When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Mother    Macree, My Wild Irish Rose), and moving on to the early 30's, spotlighting The Mississippi             Sheiks and Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers, among others.

1-5 pm  The Vocal Scene with Mark Gregory. “Your  ticket to the opera house, where every seat is front row center.”

 5-6 pm Pat Hardman with Community Express

6-10 pm Treasures from the Deep with John the Fisherman: rock, reggae and other great music. 

SUNDAY  03/22/15:

7-10 am Tune in Sundays from 7-10 for Kaleidescape, music you will enjoy getting up to on Sunday morning. Megan Hope brings you music that takes you somewhere, an eclectic mix from the 50's through to the 90's. She also features local artists on her show.

 10 -11 am Guerneville Community Church Service live broadcast.
Pastor Rebecca Schroeder will be delivering the message.

8-9 pm Off the Shelf, book discussion, first & third Sundays. (not this Sunday, though)

MONDAY  03/23/15:

 8-10 am Roots of Revolution with “Big A” Spinning 50's doo wop, rock-a-billy  and 60's soul.

12-2 pm on the first Monday of the month, Geraldine Duncann’s show will air

 6-8 pm Bohemian Groove with a Homey named Rico: tune in to The Bohemian  Groove for 2 hours of soul, funk, electronic and hip-hop. 

8-9 pm "River Scene-ry" with Studio Stef  Local music focus...Spinnn ur neighborhood.

9-10 pm "Stef's Stuff" Spinnn my stuff...w a twist. See me @

TUESDAY 03/24/15:

 9-10 am, brother drake hosts SCRIPTURE STORIES, an hour of lessons and  stories from the front of the Bible.

  Noon-2 pm Keyboard Classics. Calliope Keyboard Classics with Mark Gregory to explore the exciting sound world of the classical keyboard.

 5-7  Keith Blackstone brings you his new show called "The Dig’  featuring his usual(?) mix of music & mayhem.

 7-8 pm VOICES OF YOUTH - with DJ F8 - news, music, inspiration, and        talk. Voices of Youth is on Spring Break for a few weeks - will resume     sometime in April at a new time Mondays at 5 pm.

8-midnight "DJ ONDRENALINE with “Russian Concussion” …
 mostly punk, pop punk, punk genres galore, and metal. This week, Rico will be subbing, playing his selection of punk and alternative and metal.

 WEDNESDAY 03/25/2015:

12 noon-2 pm  tune in to KGGV’s history and music series Beneath the Waves with host Gerry Takano for “Irish Migration to America”.

4-6 pm “Roots Man Music” with the Mighty Lion.

6-8 pm Walter Thompson’s  show  “Spoken Word with WT3” 

8-10 pm “Dead Reckoning” with John the Fisherman, featuring some Grateful Dead music and some music from other San Francisco groups.

THURSDAY 03/26/2015:

 Noon-2 pm The Classical Bridge with Mark Gregory. “Two hours of great  classical music spanning the centuries.”

7-8 pm Traditional Ballads with Sadie.  Tonight's ballads are: #66: Lord Ingram and Chiel Wyet are brothers who fall in love with the same woman. She beds one and marries the other, and they kill each other; she goes mad. #67: Glasgerion (Jack Orion) is a king's son and a harper. He makes a date with a fine royal lady, but his servant sneaks into her bed while the harper sleeps.  Hideously upset upon discovering this, she kills herself, and he kills his servant, and goes mad, or dies. #68: Young Hunting visits his woman, who, feeling herself scorned by him, stabs him and sinks his body in a river.  Later she is taunted by a bird, and when Hunting's body is found, she's in big trouble. #69: Clerk Saunders and May Margaret arrange a complicated system for sneaking him into her room, but her seven brothers appear as soon as they are asleep.  They argue over what to do. and six would spare Saunders, but the last brother stabs him.  Margaret finds him dead in the morning, and later has a heartbreaking conversation with his sad ghost. #70 Willie and Lady Maisry: To reach his beloved's bower, Willie kills a heap of guards.  When her father appears and stabs him, Maisry angrily dies or goes mad, or both.  (Next week, April 2, we go to a two-hour regular format, six to eight on Thursdays).

 8-9 pm Ask the Shrinks with Robin Raike, Ph.d and Padma Catell, Ph.d

 9-10 pm Walter Thompson with “Anthropology”

FRIDAY 03/27/15:

9-10 am, Bible for Breakfast continues offering stories of Jesus and His disciples along with practical lessons from the Gospels.

Noon-2   Fri- Week's End - Kit takes you on a musical journey with stops to let you know what music, entertainment, and events are happening this weekend on the River . This week a Homey named Rico will be subbing for Kit.

 7-10 pm Sox Knockin’ Rock with Sister Glitz will knock off your sox with the best of rock’n’roll from the Golden Age of American Rock’n’Roll. You will hear songs you know and love and songs you haven’t even met yet.